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To make sure that a page is secure, do not just check if a server certificate exists, that is, the presence of a closed padlock in your browser bar is not enough.

For your safety, pay attention to two key details:

1. When clicking the padlock, verify that the certificate displayed was issued to the same address as the page you are on.

2. Check the certificate if it was issued by a trusted certificate authority.

To issue a Server Certificate, companies perform stringent data validation to verify ownership of the domain to which the certificate will be issued. If the requesting company does not have the ownership of the domain, it must present a proxy of the owner authorizing the management of the digital certification for that domain.

Other second and third-level certificate authorities issue the server certificate without any domain-property data validation process.

Do not rely on a certificate issued by a certifying authority without public acknowledgment because it may be cloned or issued to by a third party staff for misuse leading to criminal actions.

Recognizing a secure website is very easy. Just pay attention to the details.

This site goes through periodic security auditing that performs thousands of tests for failures that can allow actual attacks by hackers, protecting your personal information from fraud.